Ways To Unclog A Toilet

how to unclog toilet Ways To Unclog A Toilet

Ways To Unclog A Toilet

Ways To Unclog A Toilet - If you want to unclog the toilet, there are a lot of tools available in the market to use for breaking the clog. You can use these tools in more effective way if you know how to use them properly. If you are not an expert to handle these tools including plunger, power snake, manual toilet snake, you should avoid purchasing them. Instead of using these tools, you can use various harmless chemicals to break the clog. But you should adopt some safety measures while using these chemicals. Open the windows, ventilators and the doors of the house. It would reduce the toxic effects of the chemical you are going to use.

Ways To Unclog A Toilet by Using Home-made Toilet Liquids

You can use some very effective home-made toilet liquids to unclog the toilets. If you do not know  ways to unclog a toilet by using home-made toilet liquids, you can make a little search online for this purpose. You will get a long list of the chemicals and their use as well. Here are a few chemicals you can use to unclog the toilet. Put your rubber gloves on and try to cover your nose and mouth with the help of a mask. It is a safety measure to avoid the direct contact of the chemical with your nose and mouth. Drain-De-Clogger is an unclogging method in which you have to use three easy steps to get rid of the blockage problem. You should pour half cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and wait for a while. After five minutes, you should pour one cup of vinegar into the bowl of the toilet and wait for at least fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, you need to pour one gallon of boiled hot water into the toilet to break the clog effectively.

Chemicals – Ways to Unclog a Toilet

There are a few chemicals to unclog a toilet easily and in no way. You can use them for saving your time and amount you were going to spend on hiring the services of a professional plumber. Hydrochloric acid is a wonderful chemical that can unclog the toilet effectively. If you want to unclog the toilet by using hydrochloric acid, you should be careful in using drano after using hydrochloric acid. It would create toxic fumes in the whole house. You can use 3 table spoons of dish washing detergent into the toilet. It should be kept into the bowl of the toilet for at least half an hour and later you should flush the toilet. Pour a commercial drain cleaner into the toilet and wait for at least half an hour. Later you can pour half bucket of hot water to make the unclogging process easier and faster. If the clog is harder, you need to repeat the process again.

Final Statement

To conclude, you can use the chemicals if you do not know how to use the clogging tools to unblock a toilet. You can easily break the clog of the toilet by using the above-mentioned tips on ways to unclog a toilet.

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